Artist Statement

I try to capture my emotions and my perceptions through the simplicity of shape, the harmony of color, and the paradox of light and dark. My paintings are symbolic of my interpretation of life, of my love of what is natural and true.

Often what I find in the images is an opening - a possibility space, but that same space may be shrouded by what is seemingly impossible. I am intrigued by this combination and believe that when we look consciously - whether at humans, objects or landscape, we see no separation among them. Form is interesting, but it represents only a general sense of subject. My work has shown me that there is so much more to discover beyond the restriction of form and I strive to be true to that knowing.

I often listen to Iranian classical music or read poetry for inspiration. The undulating rhythm of the music or words imprints on my sub-conscious, leading me in many directions. I let my mind and body merge with the music and my spirit guides me to the places I need to go. Textures and impressions appear on the canvas and from these compositions, I then have a mirror for my next step. The journey is never ending.